Where do you depart from?

We depart from a little beach between the mangroves, just past the 1770 Marina and about 20 meter from the Public pontoon, towards the mouth of the river. 📍 Link to Google Maps.

Is there a limit to the number of guests on the cruise?

Yes, we limit each cruise to 30 guests. This ensures an intimate and personalized experience as you enjoy the scenic beauty.

Are the bathroom facilities wheelchair accessible?

While we have onboard bathroom facilities, please note they are currently not wheelchair accessible. We understand the importance of accessibility and are actively working on improving this aspect of our service.

Can I purchase alcoholic drinks on board?

Our cruises are BYO (Bring Your Own), so you are encouraged to bring your own alcoholic beverages. Additionally, we offer a selection of non-alcoholic drinks available for purchase during the cruise.

What kind of shoes are recommended for the cruise?

We recommend flat shoes for comfort during the cruise. Our vessel is stable, and flat shoes will ensure a pleasant experience.

Is there mosquito repellent available on the cruise?

Yes, we provide mosquito/midge repellent for your comfort during the cruise.

Can I check the departure times and locations online?

Yes, you can check the departure times and locations on our website. Please note that these may vary depending on the time of year, so it’s always best to double-check when booking.

What’s in the cheese platter? Is it kid-friendly?

There’s tasty cheese and salamis, grapes, raspberries and strawberries (or other seasonal berries. Kids generally love it too but please feel free to bring something more kid friendly so you can enjoy your time onboard!

Can I book a private cruise for a special occasion?

*A: Absolutely! For private bookings and special occasions, please contact us directly.

Is smoking or vaping allowed on the cruise?

Our vessel is a non-smoking environment, ensuring a comfortable experience for all guests. However, during sandbar stop-offs, there might be designated areas for smokers to enjoy their break. We appreciate your cooperation in maintaining a smoke-free atmosphere on board.

Can I bring my pet on the cruise?

Unfortunately, our cruises are not suitable for pets. They will have to wait to hear all about your adventure upon your return.

Is there merchandise available for purchase on board?

Absolutely! We have a treasure trove of maritime mementos, from hats to nautical novelties, available for purchase on board. Dive into our onboard boutique and bring home a piece of your sunset cruise adventure!

Do passengers have to walk the plank during the cruise?

Ahoy! Fear not, matey! Walking the plank is reserved for our mischievous parrot companions. Onboard, we only require you to walk the deck and enjoy the sunset. Plank-walking lessons available upon request!

Can I make cash payments for the cruise?

Certainly! We gladly accept cash payments. Feel free to contact us directly to arrange for this payment option and secure your spot on board. We’re here to make your booking as smooth as a calm sea!

What can we do in 1770 once we finish the cruise?

After your enchanting cruise, consider heading to Cody’s Bar in Agnes Water. Sail into the laid-back atmosphere and delve further—ask for the exclusive 1770 signature cocktail, crafted just for our sea cruisers. It’s the perfect way to continue the magic of your coastal voyage!

Is public transport available to reach the cruise departure point?

While public transport options may be limited, we recommend exploring local transfer services in Agnes Water for convenient transportation to our cruise departure point. They can provide tailored solutions to ensure a seamless journey to embark on your coastal adventure.